Our lives are always filled with moments of pure joy and happiness, excitement, as well as challenging moments filled with emotion. As we move through life, photographs immediately take us back to those moments and the emotion we experienced at that time.

As I watch my young children grow, nothing brings back those moments of the first time walking, experiencing Lake Michigan, or giving snuggles to someone they love like a photograph. The photograph takes me back to the moment in time and brings the emotion of the moment into the present. It is through photographs that I am able to remember and experience those special moments and share them with my children and the ones I love of the different ages of my children’s lives, the special moments in my life traveling around the world, with family and friends, as well as enjoying myself at my wedding – the day I married my best friend.

The images from your wedding day are something that you will treasure your entire lifetime. Reminding you of the joy, the tears, the excitement, the friends and family that were present that day, along with many other meaningful moments. Enjoy your wedding day. Live in the moment. Live the day to its fullest, and let your photographs tell your story.